January 18, 2017

Marel Poultry to unveil new processing developments at IPPE 2017

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During the 2017 IPPE show, Marel Poultry will unveil a large number of new poultry processing developments.


All of these solutions aim to make life easier and business more profitable for poultry processors, while the quality of their products will increase. In this way, Marel Poultry gives a sneak peek into the future of the industry.

Thigh fillets on the rise


Marel Poultry already foresaw the trend towards a growing popularity of deboned thigh meat and created the world's first inline high-capacity thigh filleting solution. With utmost efficiency and consistency, the bone is carefully separated from the meat, in order to supply retail quality thigh fillets. Meanwhile, the knee cap is removed accurately and at no point in the process, there's a need for manual trimming.

Intelligence in breast filleting


For years now, the Stork AMF system has set the standard for breast cap filleting. Marel Poultry now adds even more intelligence to the process. Processors no longer have to manually select a product size related recipe, as module settings adjust themselves automatically to the measured product size. The new AMF-i concept can perform completely automated adaptive filleting without human intervention needed.

CAS SmoothFlow


For the first time in the USA, Marel Poultry will show its revolutionary CAS SmoothFlow system. This most advanced stunning method makes use of controlled atmosphere to stun animals in the most humane way, while securing highest meat quality. The multiphase CAS SmoothFlow complies with the most stringent legislations, including those of the USDA. The first CAS SmoothFlow has already been sold to an important US processor, marking a major breakthrough in this market.

Easy hanging for cut-up


The brand new ACM-EH cut-up system is the perfect solution for markets which prefer an easy manual infeed of chilled whole products. The specifically designed EH (Easy Hanging) product carriers facilitate hang-in considerably. At the same time they are reliable, stable and need low maintenance. Processors can make a choice out of a large variety of modules available to produce the required end products, such as wing, leg and breast cutting modules. Among them, the EZYield LegProcessor assures efficient, anatomical leg cutting with high yield.

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