January 18, 2016


Marel Stork to launch innovations at IPPE




Marel Stork Poultry Processing will be presenting the company's various innovations during the IPPE exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia, US, on January 26-28.  


A first for the US market is the AeroScalder, a revolutionary method of scalding birds without water immersion. In addition, the SingleFeed singulator will have its world debut.


Marel Stork also focuses on integrated process solutions, such as value-added fillet processing, an integration of RoboBatcher and I-Cut, which will be revealed at IPPE



The Marel Stork AeroScalder is a sustainable scalding system, saving up to 75% in water and 50% in energy compared to traditional immersion scalding systems.


The AeroScalder is a closed system with moisturised hot air to loosen feathers. The air is reconditioned for recirculation, creating a closed and fully controlled process.


Unlike immersion, the process stays stable from beginning to end, so that every product is treated similarly. Odor emissions are considerably lower as well. In addition, the AeroScalder virtually eliminates the risk of cross contamination in the scalding process as it does not make use of immersion into a common water bath.


'A robot with a knife'


The interaction between the RoboBatcher Flex and the I-Cut portion cutter results in an innovative 'robot with a knife' concept, and integrated value-added fillet processing system.


Marel Stork connects the high speed, accurate portioning of the I-Cut to the ultra-fast, precise sorting of the RoboBatcher Flex, ensuring that poultry processors can make optimal use of all incoming products and reduce give-away to a minimum.


The system intelligently decides which fillet weights best match the order requirements.




The SingleFeed is developed to singulate bulk-supplied poultry meat for weighing, grading, inspection, portioning, further processing and freezing purposes.


It is suitable to singulate nuggets or tenders which are supplied as bulk, batches or irregular flows.


"Strengthening our role as the world's market and technology leader, we are coming up with some exciting new products. As always, we started from the perspective of the poultry processor when developing these products and services," said Larry Campbell, vice president (sales) of Marel Stork. "The primary goal of every innovative initiative is to make daily processing more efficient, with high return on investment and attention to food safety."

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