January 16, 2017


WAS to hold aqua conference in Mexico


Press release


The Latin American & Caribbean Chapter (LACC) of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS) seeks to bring its annual conference to those countries in which aquaculture development has a lot of potential, and for this reason we decided to develop the LACQUA17 conference in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México.


About aquaculture activity in Mexico and in the Sinaloa region

Aquaculture in Mexico is in constant growth. The natural characteristics place it in a strategic position to become one of the world's leading aquaculture producer in both freshwater and marine. Among the species that are mainly produced are shrimp, tilapia, trout, catfish and carp; however species such as the red mayan octopus, the bull frog and the pejelagarto - to mention a few - are in the process of domestication.

The northwest of the country is one of the areas where this activity has more relevance, and the second state with the largest contribution to aquaculture and fisheries production in the country is Sinaloa. The state of Sinaloa in 2015 reached a production of 339,277 tonnes, of which 84.6% were from fishing and 15.4% from aquaculture. The majority of aquaculture farms produce shrimp and tilapia, among other species, and generated about 52,268 tonnes. 

Our conference

One of the great benefits of attending events organised by the Latin American and Caribbean Chapter (LACC) of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS) is the interaction with academics, industry and investors.

In addition to learning from the presentations of the latest developments in various species and areas of aquaculture, this year we are organising the creation of spaces dedicated to investors and the industrial sector, in addition to our exhibition area that will feature the participation of more than 70 companies of great importance to the industry.

If you are part of a company related to the sector, we invite you to be part of this important event. We still have some booths where you can promote your product or service and be in direct contact with your potential customers. For more information, please contact: mario@marevent.com.

If you are currently working on a topic of great relevance for aquaculture in Latin America and the Caribbean and if you would like to share it in LACQUA17, you can present your abstract and be one of the speakers of our conference.

Remember that if you register in advance to the event you will be able to get a special rate, and if you are a member of LACC you will have an additional discount. Do not miss this opportunity to get this benefit.

For more information on the programme, registration or abstract submission for the event, go to our web page or write to www.was.orglacc@was.org.

We hope to see you soon in Mazatlán!



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