January 14, 2022

Danisco Animal Nutrition further expands portfolio in ruminants


Danisco Animal Nutrition, a business unit of IFF's Health & Biosciences division, has announced new developments to its ruminant portfolio.

As part of their ongoing commitment to expand nutritional health solutions for ruminant farmers and increase market reach, the business will launch Bovizyme™ GA enzyme in the United States and two Omni-Bos® probiotics in the Middle East.

BovizymeTM GA is an enzyme solution that improves starch digestion efficiency for non-steam flaker feed yards. Selected from hundreds of potential candidates for its ability to work well in the rumen, this highly effective product results in improved feed efficiency through increased bodyweight gain and lower feed intake.

"We know that cattle don't digest all of the starch they consume, especially if the producer does not steam flake the grains. Bovizyme™ GA is a stable, easy to apply enzyme additive that optimises cattle starch digestion in the right place, at the right time, with the right results," said Hamish Irving, global marketing director of animal nutrition at Danisco Animal Nutrition.

The focus of Danisco Animal Nutrition on the global ruminant market is further strengthened by its successful launch of Omni-Bos® P169 and Omni-Bos® CB in Egypt and Jordan. Supported by a strong track record of successful application in the US and Australia, both probiotics are now available to farmers in these markets for the first time.

Omni-Bos® P169 contains a patented probiotic strain of Propionibacterium, a natural inhabitant of the rumen. The Propionibacterium strain is scientifically selected from over 100 isolates for its superior propionate-producing ability.

Backed by research demonstrating its positive effect on consistent propionate production, Omni-Bos® P169 improves energy balance in dairy cows which, in turn, enhances milk production and improves efficiency.

Developed for use in calf milk replacer and calf electrolytes, Omni-Bos® CB contains a blend of three scientifically selected Bacillus probiotic strains. The natural spore forming capability of the Bacillus probiotic strains support the growth of beneficial bacteria and provide excellent stability and healthy gut status during weaning process. Omni-Bos® CB is also compatible with other commonly used additives in calf milk replacers, has a long shelf-life and is heat stable at

temperatures up to 180F (82°C). "The Middle East has a robust ruminant industry and there is strong demand for proven, nutritional health solutions. The launch of Omni-Bos® P169 and Omni-Bos® CB allows us to respond to the specific needs of our customers in the region and to implement nutritional feed strategies that will work harder for them than ever before," said Irving.

The Danisco Animal Nutrition portfolio for ruminant nutritional health solutions now includes Bovizyme™ GA, Omni-Bos® P169 Omni-Bos® CB and Betafin® natural betaine.