January 14, 2020


Turkey's chicken egg production increased in November last year


The country's statistical authority TurkStat also reported an increase in turkey meat production, but a decrease in slaughtered chicken and chicken meat, reported Andolu Agency.


The data reported a 1.2% increase in chicken egg production to 1.69 billion units on a yearly basis. The first 11 months of last year showed a rise in chicken egg production, which hit 18.15 billion units. This was a 1.3% increase.


Production of meat from turkey birds was also up 7.2% to hit 5,310 tonnes.


However, slaughtered chicken and chicken meat production fell by 95,013 units, a 5.4% drop and 168,007 tonnes, a 3.7% fall respectively year-on-year in November 2019.


A total of two million tonnes of chicken and turkey meat were produced between January to November last year. By comparison, the country's chicken and turkey meat production hit 2.85 million tonnes in 2018. During the same year, 19.6 billion chicken eggs were produced at a 2% annual hike.


As for Turkey's export data, exports for eggs hit US$271 million between January to October last year, while poultry meat exports reached US$538.4 million. Total poultry exports (meat and eggs) hit US$809.4 million in the 11-month period.


-      Andolu Agency