January 14, 2020


New certification to be created for eco-friendly farmed chicken and eggs in Japan


Domestic poultry farmers that raise local poultry breeds humanely are expected to profit from promotion by the Japanese Agricultural Standard system, reported Nikkei Asian Review.


The new label under the Japanese Agricultural Standard system, set to appear before the fiscal year ending March, aims to identify chicken meat and eggs from Japan's indigenous breeds that are raised on farms equipped with odour control and recycling features.


In addition, these farms need to raise chicken with reduced stress, convert chicken waste into fuel and fertiliser, and reduce dependency on foreign livestock feed (birds must be fed with Japanese grown rice, for example) in order to be certified.


The label aims to improve private sector poultry farmers' market competitiveness, as Japan looks to decrease external risks in the production of poultry and eggs.


Among the chicken meat and eggs farmed in country, less than 10% comes from domestically grown birds. Birds bred by foreign companies are more cost effective as they grow faster, but poultry farmers are affected by wild price fluctuations due to limited number of sources.


-      Nikkei Asian Review