January 13, 2022

Aviagen to share breeding sustainability messages with global poultry industry players at IPPE 2022



For nearly seven decades, global poultry breeding company Aviagen® has been participating in the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta,Georgia, the United States.


This year, Aviagen looks forward to meeting customers and industry colleagues at the world-renowned poultry industry event, which will take place on January 25-27.


Balanced breeding contributes to three sustainability pillars


Located in booth B4225, the international Aviagen team will engage with attendees on its theme and corporate value of "Breeding Sustainability." This theme reflects the company's ongoing breeding goal to promote the environmental, social, and economic pillars of sustainability. This target is accomplished through a breeding programme that balances production efficiency and performance with bird health and welfare, leading to benefits for the world's poultry producers, the people in the communities they serve and the planet.


Sharing latest health, welfare and sustainability knowledge


As the world's largest trade show for the poultry sector, IPPE presents a great opportunity for Aviagen to exchange ideas on the latest innovations in poultry breeding. On January 26 at booth B3649, the following Aviagen experts will share their knowledge:


    - Dr. Sara Reichelt, Aviagen's director of animal welfare and sustainability, will discuss the topic, "There Aren't Any Finish Lines in Poultry Welfare";

    - Director of global genetics Dr. Santiago Avendaño will present, "Poultry Breeding's Contribution to the Environmental Sustainability of the Meat Sector";

    - Dr. Jose Bruzual, senior poultry veterinarian, will discuss "Coccidiosis Vaccination Management in Broiler Breeders".


"This immense gathering of poultry professionals from around the globe is the ideal place to showcase our broad portfolio of Arbor Acres®, Indian River®, Ross®, Rowan Range® and Specialty Male® breeding stock, while sharing our Breeding Sustainability messages with others who have a passion for poultry and a common mission of ending hunger and achieving food security for people on every corner of the earth," remarked Aviagen chief executive officer Jan Henriksen.


"We are happy to be back at IPPE 2022 in person and part of this exhibition that is important to the industry worldwide. While webinars and other virtual events have worked well over the past year and a half, nothing can replace the networking and interaction that takes place in person," said Dr. Marc de Beer, president of Aviagen North America.

- Aviagen