Kemin Industries has partnered with Zhuyi Mall to launch its e-commerce business for millions of pig farmers in China.

Introducing an online business platform is a critical part of Kemin's overall digital transformation for its Chinese animal nutrition and health operations, the company said.

"Launching our e-commerce business in China has come with much excitement, as well as some challenges – some of which are quite unique to our local market. We look forward to working with our partners on a platform that brings success to China's pig farmers, as well as Kemin," said Dr. Zhilin Gan, president of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health (China).

Kemin's new e-store will sell its flagship products that are used widely at Chinese hog farms, including:

    - Detoxins®, a mycotoxin absorbent that helps improve sow fertility;

    - CLOSTAT® 360 Extra, an industry-leading probiotic targeted at reducing intestinal health problems;

    - Orsential™ 360, which includes natural plant extracts from oregano to improve animal growth and performance.

"This new initiative to bring e-commerce to pig farmers in China will create more customer touch points in the country and allow Kemin to better serve existing and potential customers who want high-quality products and trusted services," said Dr. Chris Nelson, president and CEO of Kemin Industries. "We are eager to expand our reach in the market and provide our scientific expertise, superior technology and unmatched ingredients and solutions to a growing industry."

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