January 13, 2021


1.1 million chickens to be culled in Chiba, Japan due to bird flu outbreak


The Chiba prefectural government said it will cull all 1.145 million chickens at an egg-laying chicken farm in Isumi city after a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu was detected there, The Japan Times reported.


This is the second reported bird flu outbreak in Chiba, Japan, after its first case in December. It was the first prefecture in east Japan to report bird flu.


The slaughter of 1.145 million chickens at the farm is the biggest number of chickens to be culled in a single outbreak in Japan.


The prefectural government conducted an on-site inspection of the farm after many chickens were found dead on January 10. A detailed genetic test showed that the virus involved was from a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu.


- The Japan Times