January 13, 2016


Canada's beef, pork now permitted into Ukraine without additional certifications



Canada's beef and pork exports are now permitted into Ukraine without a need for additional certifications.


This development came in light of preparations for the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA) which is still under review. It bodes well for Canada's effort to improve its exporters' access to the Ukrainian market.


Once effected, the FTA will abrogate "vast majority of Ukraine's agricultural tariffs, including on Canadian beef, certain pork, pulses, grains, fish and seafood, canola oil, processed foods, and animal feed," Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada said.


According to the ministry, the country's federally registered establishments, which fulfill certification requirements, are allowed to deliver beef and pork to the Ukraine. The approval followed inspections of 15 Canadian meat sites by Ukrainian officials.


At present, an overall 27 establishments are given the green-light for deliveries.


Based on industry estimates, the Canadian beef and pork trade to Ukraine amounted up to US$50 million annually. In 2014, US$35.7 million worth of Canada's agriculture, agri-food and seafood products entered the Ukrainian market.

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