January 12, 2021


US Farm Bureau partners with hunger relief organisation to boost confidence in food supply chain



The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) in the United States is launching a new effort with Feeding America, the country's largest hunger relief organisation, to address food insecurity while celebrating the strength of the US food supply and commitment local farmers and ranchers to keep it strong.


The #StillFarming campaign, which began on social media, is now expanding to a merchandise line that will benefit food banks and agricultural education.


When COVID-19 caused disruptions to the food supply chain, AFBF created the social media campaign to build public confidence in farmers' and ranchers' ability to produce food and reassure consumers of the strength of the US food supply.


#StillFarming has reached nearly 100 million people in the US and shared the challenges that farmers and ranchers are overcoming to feed the country and the world.


Building on its popularity and recognising the dramatic increase in hunger in the US brought on by the pandemic, AFBF created "#StillFarming to Feed America" T-shirts and committed to donating all profits. Half of the profits will be donated to Feeding America, and the other half will go to the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.


"Despite all the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, there's never been a question that America's farmers and ranchers would continue supplying healthy, affordable food and it was important for us to assure the public of that," said AFBF president Zippy Duvall. "The success of #StillFarming is a credit to Farm Bureau members across the country who took it and ran with it. It has been inspiring to see their stories from across the country and I'm pleased to build on the campaign to help address hunger through our partnership with Feeding America."


The new partnership between AFBF and Feeding America builds on a long history of partnerships between county and state farm bureaus and Feeding America's local and regional food banks.


Since the pandemic began, farm bureaus across the country have donated US$5.4 million and 1.4 million pounds of food to local food banks, food pantries and pandemic relief programmes.