January 12, 2021


Thai Union subsidiary reaches final agreement concerning US litigation action


The Thai Union Group has informed  the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) that Tri-Union Seafoods LLC -  a subsidiary operating a packaged seafood business in the United States under the "Chicken of the Sea" brand - has reached a final agreement to settle remaining antitrust litigation cases in the US.


In 2017, Tri-Union was accused of involvement in anti-competition activity in the US tuna market. The accusation led to the filing of a class-action lawsuit by customers and consumers claiming compensation.


"At this stage, all that remains is final court approval of the settlement agreement negotiated and concluded by the parties," Thai Union said of the cases. "The settlement of these remaining antitrust litigation cases brings to an end the antitrust litigation

cases in the United States of America against the company and Tri-Union."


- Thai Union