January 12, 2021


Countries stop import of eggs, poultry from Denmark following bird flu outbreak


Singapore, Japan, Russia and the United Arab Emirates have temporarily suspended the import of eggs and poultry from Denmark following the recent outbreak of H5N8 avian influenza (bird flu) in the country.


Bird flu has been reportedly spreading in Europe in recent weeks, with wild birds suspected for causing the spread. Similar outbreaks have previously resulted in culling of tens of millions of birds, causing serious damage to the poultry industry.


According to a statement by Denmark's Food and Control Administration, the H5N8 type of the avian influenza virus was recently detected among chickens in a farm in Lovel close to Viborg.


Authorities reported that around 9,000 chickens on the farm will be culled to prevent the spread of the virus and asked for measures to be taken against wild birds in poultry farms.


- ScandAsia