The 6th Leman China Swine Conference & 2017 World Swine Industry Expo



Date:              November 2 - 4, 2017

Venue:           Nanjing International Exhibition Center, Nanjing, China
Organiser:     The University of Minnesota

Tel:                + 86-10-62919126 / +86-18310633447



In 2012, Leman China Swine Conference first entered China, and in just four years, the conference has drawn great attentions from China's and the world's pig industry. Attendance of the conference grows 30% annually from first year's 650 to 3158 in the third year with over 94.5% satisfaction rate.


Leman China is focus on bring the world's latest information and advanced scientific solutions in pig industry, the participant will enjoy the latest research results in pig production, production management techniques, disease prevention, monitoring and diagnosis, swine nutrition and feed production, pig breeding, markets and economics analysis.


Last year, there were swine experts from more than 20 countries totaling 3158 attended the conference and exhibition, Zoetis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bioscwin, Elanco, DSM, Philips, Tecon Biology, Victor, Sansheng, Silkroad, Boen, CP Group, Beijing BBDC, Ascor Chimic, EBVAC, and Centre Biology as the conference sponsors provided biggest support to leman.


The leading enterprises like Zoetis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bioscwin, Elanco, DSM, PIC, Cooperl, Choice Genetics, KUBUS, Mofa, Hypor, BETCO,  Genesus Inc, Hog Slat, Cargill, Eco-Biok, GSI, Imv Technologies... More than 300 enterprises attended the swine expo and showed their latest technologies and products.


Moreover, China has been to the first country in pig scale and pork production, 50% world pork growth will come from China, so Leman China will devote to provide largest and professional cooperation platform for pig industry communication. The expo will covers the entire industrial chain including Veterinary medicine, preventative medicines,feed and feed ingredients, farm design and equipment,genetics, breeding technologies, meat slaughtering, processing and so on, now it's already plays a important role promoting your products and brand.


The leman 2017 will be expected to hit 4000 participants and expo will offer over 25,000㎡ exhibition areas, with extimated more than 30,000 visitors.  Welcome your participant, for more information, pls contact Ms. Angelia.



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