January 12, 2017

Anpario rebrands in 2017




A transformation of the UK founded companies Meriden Animal Health, Kiotechagil and Optivite into the Anpario brand will take place throughout this year.


Anpario is set to become the representing brand image for all three companies, a departure from its 'behind the scene' role as a parent company.


Meriden, Kiotechagil and Optivite were acquired by Anpario between 2006 and 2012, having each been trading for over 25 years in the global feed additive industry.  Since acquisition, the companies have gone through a rigorous internal integration process with Anpario making gradual internal changes to combine and standardise systems and processes. The next step for Anpario is to begin to phase out the three brands from the global feed additive marketplace.


"Consolidating to a single company brand will enable the company to communicate more effectively and clearly in terms of our corporate vision, philosophy and values, as well as concentrating more marketing and R&D spend behind one brand rather than three," said Richard Edwards, CEO of Anpario plc.


Revitalising the Anpario brand will strengthen its global presence and increase traction in the market. The new concept will be applied globally including the subsidiaries in China, Brazil and US.


"Our new logo is a tick that underpins our investment in research and development. It reflects our goal to provide unique science-based solutions in line with our responsibility for the world we live in,"Richard Edwards, CEO of Anpario plc, commented.


The new strap line "Nature's Answer" will give greater standout in the global marketplace.


"Nature's Answer is our way of expressing that our technologies work in harmony with the natural aspects of the animal's biology to promote healthy growth," Pippa Pang, marketing director of Anpario plc, explained.


The product portfolios from Meriden, Kiotechagil and Optivite will now fall under the Anpario brand identity.  Focusing on one company brand will allow Anpario to build more equity in its key products.


The portfolio of innovative products work in harmony with the natural aspects of the animal's biology to promote healthy growth.  The portfolio is divided into four product categories: Eubiotics, Feed Security, Feed Quality and Nutritional. Products within those categories will be re-packaged in the colour coded bags.


Orego-Stim will be brought in line with Eubiotic range of products, but will retain its recognisable logo.


"Anpario's products work in tune with nature's inherent processes to support production of safe and economic food for a growing global population," Richard Edwards, CEO of Anpario plc, said.


The benefits of Anpario's products have not only demonstrated their value to the animals that consume them, but also to the progeny that they produce, Anpario said.


The new branding concept will be launched on a regional basis throughout 2017, with the main launch taking place at VIV ASIA 2017, March 15 -17.


- Anpario

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