January 11, 2022

Tesco blames weather-affected harvest for lack of UK pork on shelves


Tesco recently claimed in Twitter that the reason for a lack of British pork on its shelves is a weather-affected poor harvest.

The UK's biggest retailer went on to assure customers that it hopes to be "in British supply soon".

Tesco, which has angered the farming industry in the past with alleged fake farm brands, has appeared on a number of Twitter timelines as people have highlighted the high proportion of imported pork on its shelves.

This reinforces the findings from the latest AHDB Porkwatch survey, which showed that while eight of the 10 biggest retailers stock virtually 100% British fresh pork, Tesco still relies heavily on imported pork, along with Asda, although it has at least significantly upped the proportion of British pork on its shelves the survey showed.

- Pig World