January 11, 2021


New 100,000-square-foot beef plant to be set up in Missouri, US


A 100,000-square-foot beef processing plant will be established in Polk County, Missouri, the United States.


Missouri Prime Beef Packers is expected to begin production in Pleasant Hope, a city in Polk County, later in this month, according to a news release from Nextgen Cattle Company.


The company will take over at a facility previously operated by Moon Ridge Foods, a pork processor that shut down in 2018. Crews are working on extensive upgrades and modifications at the site to accommodate both fed and non-fed beef cattle .


"The ownership has shown their commitment to the longevity and success of this plant by empowering us to use our experience to design a state-of-the-art beef processing plant that will be a model for future facilities", said Nick Paschkov, COO of Missouri Prime Beef Packers. "This company emphasises food and employee safety and product quality over volume production, and our design accounts for that."


The plant will have the capacity to process up to 500 head per day. Nextgen Cattle Company said the facility will custom process cattle for a variety of niche programmes that emphasise a connection between the consumer and the producer.


"People want to know where their food comes from, and this smaller plant will provide branded beef programs an opportunity to increase their market share", said co-owner Stacy Davies.


Mike Schmeling, director of operations for the plant, described the Pleasant Hope facility as the ideal size of a processing plant for producing a quality product.


"We are not a big plant that is solely focused on the number of head processed per hour," said Schmeling. "We are flexible. We can respond to market changes, consumer demands, or other unexpected factors like COVID-19 as well as, if not better than, anyone in the industry."


- KY3