January 11, 2021


US beef association enters partnership to promote e-commerce sales of beef



The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) in the United States and digital shopping platform Chicory are partnering to promote beef and push e-commerce growth of beef products sold at Kroger, Walmart Grocery and Albertson/Safeway banners.


NCBA, the manager of the "Beef. It's What's for Dinner." brand, will leverage Chicory's Digital Shopping Aisle experience for two media campaigns as well as shoppable recipes on a website, BeefItsWhatsforDinner.com.


"At a time when more people are shopping online than ever before, this partnership has allowed us to jump into the world of e-commerce and encourage consumers to enjoy delicious beef for dinner," said Bridget Wasser, senior executive director of product quality at NCBA. "Beyond the media campaigns, the shoppable recipes take the work out of dinner from beefy meal ideas, to shopping and grocery delivery with the click of the mouse."


Chicory is a New York-based technology company that uses artificial intelligence to create digital grocery experiences. In 2014, Chicory launched its core product, the "Get Ingredients" button, which allows consumers to get to online recipe ingredients delivered from various grocers and retailers. Within two years, Chicory added over 1,000 recipe partners and became the largest, shoppable recipe network in the country. Today, Chicory reaches about 80 million visitors a month.


Chicory's first-to-market Digital Shopping Aisle solution enables commodity-focused groups to equitably represent beef manufacturers, while executing an effective shopper marketing and contextual commerce campaign. "Beef. It's What's For Dinner." is utilising Chicory Premium in recipe ad units to 'own' ingredients via in-line units and 'pairings' ads to feature products within related content in order to promote beef products in contextually relevant recipes on over 1,500 recipe sites, including Taste of Home, Creme de la Crumb and Fork in the Kitchen.


Consumers are shown ads that are shoppable at either Kroger and Kroger banners, Walmart Grocery or Albertson/Safeway banners based on retailer geography. Consumers who click on the Walmart Grocery or Albertson/Safeway banners shoppable ads are driven to Chicory's unique Digital Shopping Aisle, showcasing the available beef products needed for the recipe, such as ground beef, steak and roasts, at a retailer.


The Digital Shopping Aisle also randomises the available products that the consumer sees, ensuring a truly equitable experience for each brand and product. Here, shoppers may choose their preferred brand and add the product to their digital shopping cart for a seamless checkout experience. Consumers who click on the Kroger or Kroger banners shoppable ads are driven to customised Kroger landing pages with the various available cuts of beef to make their choice.


"We're so pleased with this partnership and the unique ways that "Beef" is leveraging Chicory's shoppable media solutions, including Digital Shopping Aisle and shoppable recipe technology," said Yuni Sameshima, Chicory's CEO and co-founder.


"This partnership provides a solution to solve the challenge of executing an effective shopper marketing campaign while offering equal visibility to the beef brands available at the retailers featured in the campaign. The utilisation of Chicory's shoppable recipe technology on the roughly 1,000 recipes on BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com solidifies Beef's commitment to implement a holistic contextual commerce strategy that ultimately leads consumers to buy more beef."


The partnership will also provide a seamless way for BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com to lead users from inspiration to purchase through a commerce-enabled recipe checkout experience, Recipe Activation. Using Chicory's shoppable recipe technology, users can purchase all ingredients needed for any of the recipes on the website instantly.


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