January 11, 2021


France extends mass poultry culls in the Landes to contain bird flu


Julien Denormandie, the French Agriculture and Food Minister, said France will extend mass poultry culls to contain the spread of bird flu at the Landes, southwest of the country where most duck farms are concentrated, Reuters reported.


In an interview with radio station France Bleu Gascogne, Denormandie said 400,000 ducks have been culled in the Landes with several hundred thousand more set to be culled. Abattoirs will be requisitioned as part of the government's effort to contain the virus.


119 H5N8 bird flu outbreaks have been confirmed by authorities in the Landes.


The Landes region is known for duck breeding, supplying the country's foie gras industry.

The ministry said culls will be extended to a 5km zone surrounding a location with a reported outbreak, compared to 3km before.


China had imposed a suspension of French poultry imports, but France is discussing with China to limit the suspension to only areas where bird flu outbreaks have been reported.


The French ministry of Agriculture and Food will compensate farmers for culled poultry.


- Reuters