January 11, 2021


Vion digitalises pork supply chain with blockchain



Vion has started to digitalise its Good Farming Star pork supply chain by means of blockchain.


Vion Pork Chain VISION is the name given to this digital data exchange by means of the technology, which fits perfectly within the company's Building Balanced Chains (BBC) strategy.


"The themes of sustainability, transparency, integrity, food safety and quality are becoming increasingly important in meat production. These themes are the basis of our demand-driven supply chains," said John de Jonge, COO of Vion Pork.


"In order to build a strong (supply) chain together, open and transparent data exchange between supply chain partners is important. By digitally connecting all partners within the Good Farming Star supply chain and exchanging data, we increase the efficiency of the entire supply chain and guarantee the origin and integrity of our meat. This creates trust. The Good Farming Star supply chain is the first in the sector to be connected to blockchain. Our other supply chains will follow in the years to come."


Koen van Bergen, director of livestock and supply chains at Vion Farming, said: "Pig farmers and other supply chain partners often make unseen efforts in the production of pork. Through blockchain, we are now making these efforts visible and provable. This means that we can proudly guarantee the quality, safety and sustainability of our pork every day.


"Digital data exchange also leads to major efficiency benefits throughout the supply chain. Among other things, it provides insight into the origin of raw materials, animal health, slaughter information and logistics. This integrated management data provides pig farmers with important information for their business operations. The Vion Return Index (VRI) developed by Vion allows pig farmers to compare their farms with those of fellow pig farmers. It also results in less administration because all data is available in a single digital environment via the blockchain.''


- Vion