January 11, 2017


ADDCON's FORMI NDF organic acid now available in Jordan



Addcon GmbH and its local partner Takamul National Agri Trading have announced the successful registration of FORMI NDF in the Kingdom of Jordan.


FORMI NDF, which is based on ADDCON's diformates technology, has "shown best results in poultry nutrition globally". Due to its molecular structure, FORMI NDF can reach the small intestine where it controls harmful bacteria and supports a healthy intestinal microflora.


The registration will be valid for five years, starting from January 2017.


Besides FORMI NDF, Takamul has also registered ADDCON XF Superfine, the first dry mould inhibitor in Jordan. Due to its very small particle size, ADDCON XF Superfine protects all feed ingredients and feeds from microbial spoilage.


Takamul and ADDCON will organise a seminar for the product launch in February this year. Participation will be through invitation by Takamul.

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