January 10, 2022

Pakistan Poultry Association opposes additional industry taxes


The Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) has demanded the Pakistani government to withdraw its decision of imposing additional taxes on the poultry industry.

Addressing a press conference, PPA chairman Dr. Sajjad Arshad said that new taxes being levied on poultry industry under the mini budget would have negative impacts on the national economy and consumers of chicken and eggs.

"We call upon (Pakistani) Prime Minister Imran khan and Finance Minister Shaukat to withdraw decision of additional taxes… in the interest of national economy and public," the chairman said.

Dr. Arshad suggested the constitution of a working group in the Ministry of Food and National Security, with government officials and representatives of the poultry industry keeping a ratio in the increase in taxes.

He pointed out that, in the mini budget, it had been suggested to increase the General Sales Tax on poultry industry from 7% to 17%.

Dr. Arshad maintained that additional taxes on poultry industry would result in significant increase in prices of chicken and egg.

- The News International