January 10, 2017

India taps UK pig semen to boost pork quality


India is seeking to improve its breeding stock to produce better-quality pork by importing pig semen from the UK.


The first ever shipment of frozen porcine semen had arrived in the country and was being used by the Punjab state government to develop a high-health nucleus of pure-bred pigs, UK's AHDB Pork reported.


A second order had already been placed, the pork division of the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board added.


The Indian move highlighted the "world-leading expertise" of the British pig sector and could open the door to other British suppliers, experts at the AHDB said.


'Important development'


Jean-Pierre Garnier, head of exports for AHDB, said, "This important development shows how we can lead in agri-tech ventures. This success was achieved against strong competition from other major pork-producing countries".


For three years the UK had been targetting market activities in Punjab. Last June, a Punjabi high level delegation visited the UK and in November, AHDB, in conjunction with the British Pig Association, attended two important agriculture shows in North India.


According to Christopher Jackson, export manager for the British Pig Association, the UK pig sector has been able to build strong relationships with key Punjabi government officials, who "are keen to use British pig expertise to develop their industry".


"This is a great opportunity for the entire British pig industry", he said.

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