January 9, 2018


Indonesia offers its first study programme in livestock engineering



Indonesia's Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) is opening a new study programme in livestock engineering, a first in the Southeast Asian country.


The programme, which will be offered by the UGM Faculty of Animal Sciences, aims to produce qualified and professional engineers for the animal husbandry sector.


The dean of the Faculty of Animal Sciences UGM, Dr. Ir. Ali Agus, said the establishment of the engineer profession study programme is a strategic step to prepare human resource in the livestock engineering sector.


Agus explained that livestock engineering was not placed under the Faculty of Engineering because "scientifically, we are different from mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and so forth. Animal science is related to living things and its industry". 


Agus added that the new programme also aims to help the management of animal husbandry, including processing, packaging, engineering technology and food security.


The study programme's participants have two course options: the "Past Experience Recognition" and regular course studies.


According to the chairman of the Livestock Engineer Study Programme, Dr. Ir. Zuprizal, the Past Experience Recognition is for those who already have Engineer titles and five years of work experience. The participants do not attend classes but make a portfolio that will be validated by UGM.


Regular course students


The regular course study requires the prospective students to have work experience of two years. Instead of teaching the fundamental theories, the regular path will provide courses regarding livestock industry.


First registration for Past Experience Recognition for lecturers at Faculty of Animal Sciences UGM ended on Dec. 29, 2017.


Zuprizal said the Regular class consists of 24 credits with 70% of study apportioned for industrial practice and 30% for professionalism ethical code and engineering work safety. The graduates of the study programme will be recognised at the 7 level in National Qualification.


"Fresh graduates who are accepted as government employees can directly be placed at the 7 level while the companies who accept the fresh graduates of this study programme will obtain guarantee on the quality of the workforces," said Zuprizal.


By registering and attending the study programme, Zuprizal said, the new graduates will obtain Engineer title from UGM while their professionalism will be tested by the Association of Indonesian Engineers (PII).


"The engineer certificate which is issued by the Association of Indonesian Engineers can be used at international level, thus the fresh graduates will be able to compete in ASEAN Economic Community," he added.