January 9, 2017


Filipino-made probiotics reduce pig feed costs


One way of cutting the cost of feeding swine is the use of probiotics,or dietary supplements containing live bacteria that add to the beneficial bacteria normally present in the gastrointestinal tract.


In the Philippines Dr. Rene Sumaoang of Novatech has produced a probiotic called Fedgrozyme, reports the Manila Bulletin.


With Fedgrozyme, the hog raiser can save as much as P538.75 (US$10.86) in feeds per fattened hog weighing 90 kilogrammes, according to the report. 


It was explained that normally a fattener consumes 4,800 pesos' worth of feed, or four 50-kilo bags of feed, to attain the weight of 90 kg within four to five months. When Fedgrozyme is mixed with the regular hog feed, however, the pig only eats about 3.5 bags of feed, the report said. A bag of feed usually costs PHP600 ($12.10), while Fedgrozyme used in the 3.5 bags consumed by the pig costs only P61.25 ($1.23).


Fedgrozyme reportedly contains enzymes that digest the feed efficiently so that the nutrients are easily absorbed by the animal. It also prevents the proliferation of harmful organisms inside the pig's gut, thus doing away with or, at least, minimising the use of antibiotics.


The report moreover said that Sumaoang has also come up with two formulations of essential vitamins and minerals with enzymes and beneficial microorganisms for poultry. These are called Nutradec (for oil-based vitamins and minerals) and Biolyte for water-based vitamins and minerals.


These formulations are mixed with the drinking water of chickens to improve their growth and make them more resistant to diseases and other stresses.

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