January 9, 2017

Hypor inaugurates renovated quarantine station in Brazil




A BRL3.2 million (US$992,587) renovated pig quarantine station in Cananéia, São Paulo, Brazil, was inaugurated in October thanks to support from Hypor and a select number of global genetic companies that partnered with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).


"The facilities are compatible with the best biosafety technology, ambience and management," said Hendrix Genetics Ltda Brazil director Marco de Almeida during the inauguration. "This is significant because it allows Brazil to maintain and expand the genetic potential of their national herd."


The renovated quarantine station in Cananéia is the only site in Brazil that can be used for quarantining imported animals. Animals are supervised for at least 40 days at the facility and undergo a series of laboratory tests before they are allowed into the country. This gives Brazilian authorities more control over health examinations as well as more control to prevent diseases from entering the country.


The renovations include four new barns with ventilation and sprinkler systems for climate control. "The new structure represents a milestone for the agriculture sector, as it not only enhances the safety of the national herd but also helps to preserve the health of Brazilian pig farms," said the Association of Swine Genetic Companies president Furtado da Rosa at the event. "All this, without interrupting the flow of superior genes-an essential resource for maintaining the competitiveness of the Brazilian pig farmer."


Agricultural Defense Secretary Luis Rangel said during the ceremony that the updates make Brazil an agriculture powerhouse in animal health and biosecurity. Almeida agreed: "Brazilian pig farming is in line with the best global genetic patterns and is a benchmark for biosecurity-this has been shown by international approvals and the expansion of local consumption."


The facility will begin operation in early 2017 with the import of high genetic value pigs from Hypor and a select number of leading genetic companies. "As a result of our preparation to enter Brazil, Hypor has actively participated in the process to promote the expansion of the quarantine station," Almeida says. He notes that only global pig breeding companies were able to take part in the renovation.


"This project is a great opportunity for Hypor to import pigs and to flag our presence in the Brazilian pig industry," Almeida said. "Brazil pork exports are growing-and we want to help them to keep growing."

- Hypor

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