January 9, 2017

Aviagen: Indian River Training Academy generates customer support




Over 60 customers from 12 different countries attended the fifth Indian River® Training Academy (IRTA) in Penang, Malaysia.


The training supports Indian River customers with breeder and broiler management support and training to assist in realising the full genetic potential of their flocks.


The focus for the academy over the five days was bird nutrition and animal health. Practical, interactive workshops were held on vaccination techniques and key ventilation procedures. Presentations were delivered by Aviagen® specialists, Indian River regional team members and external industry experts. They covered topics including Indian River genetics, developments in breeder nutrition, the influence of incubation on broiler performance and maximising production output through improved female persistency.


Esmi San Pedro, commercial and service manager of Indian River, said: "The annual IRTA is an important event on our calendar, providing an excellent opportunity to transfer knowledge and update the latest improvements in flock management. It also allows us to receive feedback directly from customers on their experience with Indian River, helping us stay connected with what is important to them."


Dr. Jonathan Codilla, GP operations manager of Bounty Philippines, added: "I found the interactive elements to be extremely worthwhile. It was a great chance for us to work together and expand our knowledge with expert insight. We were also encouraged to share our experiences from our working lives. Attending this year's IRTA has definitely enhanced my understanding of the best ways to manage my Indian River birds."


The final day saw all of the attendees come together for a team building exercise, which allowed customers from different countries to get to know and interact with each other during the event.


- Aviagen

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