January 9, 2021


South Korea culls 13.6 million poultry birds to control bird flu



The agricultural ministry of South Korea culled 13.6 million poultry on January 6 as a preventive measure to stop the rising number of highly pathogenic bird flu cases in local farms.


South Korea has recorded 47 cases of the highly contagious H5N8 strain of avian influenza since November 2020. 58 cases involving wild birds were already reported.


Farms at Gyeonggi Province that surrounds Seoul accounted for 12 cases, followed by South Jeolla Province with 10 reported cases.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs also confirmed an outbreak of H5N8 at a duck farm in Eumseong, 131 kilometres south of Seoul.


According to the ministry, the quarantine guideline requires that all birds within a three-kilometre radius of infected farms to be culled.


 - The Korea Herald