January 9, 2021


Selling of fish, poultry banned in four subdivisions of Kangra, India



In the interest of protecting the health and safety of the public, Rakesh Kumar Prajapati, deputy commissioner of Kangra, India, prohibited the purchase and export of poultry, birds and fish in the city's four subdivisions, namely, Fatehpur, Dehra, Jawali and Indora.


The action came after over 2,700 migratory birds, like common teal, shoveler, river tern and black-headed gull, died of avian flu (H5N1) at Pong Dam in the district of Himachal Pradesh.


"The slaughter of poultry, birds and fish in all slaughterhouses or at home is barred in these four subdivisions," Prajapati said, adding that administration was on high alert to meet any eventuality that may arise.


Offering feed to birds and fish is also prohibited. "No movement of humans shall be allowed within one kilometre of Pong Dam or the alert zone except those related to managing the avian influenza outbreak," Prajapati said.


The deputy director will deploy staff to ensure no movement of livestock or domestic animals are allowed within one kilometre of Pong Lake.


All agriculture or horticulture related activities are also prohibited.


"The chief medical officer (of) Kangra based at Dharamshala, shall ensure stockpiling of medicines, personal protective equipment (PPE) kits and keep vigil of the human transmission of avian influenza and keep details of the testing labs for bird flu ready," Prajapati added.


He said culling will be done if the virus spreads to the poultry. 


Kangra's chief medical officer, Dr. Gurdarshan Gupta, said the health department is on high alert, even though there have been no human transmission cases.


 - Hindustan Times