January ,7 2021


ECO Animal Health's swine vaccine receives marketing authorisation from Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture


ECO Animal Health Group plc announced that it has received a marketing authorisation from Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply for its Circo/MycoGard® vaccine for swine, DirectorsTalk Interviews reported.

Circo/MycoGard is used for the vaccination of healthy piglets against Porcine Circovirus type 2 and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, two of the most common primary swine respiratory disease pathogens globally.

The marketing authorisation is the first licence obtained by ECO-Pharm Limited, a joint venture established in the Republic of Ireland in 2018 between ECO Animal Health Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group, and Pharmgate Corp of Wilmington, North Carolina, USA responsible for the registration, marketing, sale and distribution of a number of Pharmgate LLC swine vaccine products.

Marc Loomes, ECO Animal Health Group CEO says, "Brazil is a globally important swine market which is reaching record pork export levels. This first vaccine marketing authorisation in Brazil marks a significant milestone as we build our capability with vaccines and broaden our product portfolio. The speed with which Circo/MycoGard was approved in Brazil under difficult circumstances is most gratifying and a credit to the team."

Colin Gray, president and CEO of Pharmgate says, "Our joint international efforts are vitally important to the long-term growth of our companies. I am very pleased with our teams and the work they have accomplished in getting our first vaccine into this highly important market. I look forward to similar success over the coming months and years."