January 6, 2021


Kemin sees growing market share in methionine for ruminants in EMENA region




Kemin Industries realises noticeable growth in market share of amino acids for ruminants one year after launching KESSENT®, its product range of methionine solutions, for customers in the EMENA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa) region.

"Every day, Kemin feeds more than 400,000 milking cows in the EMENA region with our solutions, and we are seeing increasing interest — via customer requests — for our methionine and lysine supplements for use in dairy sheep, goat and beef cattle daily formulations," says Diego Martinez del Olmo, product manager – Amino Acids, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA. "The work we have conducted over the years has focused on the need for amino acid implementation in every ruminant diet, which is clearly proving beneficial, as we are now in partnership with more than 200 customers to ensure that ruminant diets are formulated with amino acids."

Last year, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA debuted its KESSENT product range, which was born from the company's expertise in encapsulation technology. The introduction of KESSENT completed the business unit's Ruminant Essentialities portfolio, making Kemin "the only provider of both methionine and lysine in a reliable way and the only partner to provide customers with the support and know-how to achieve optimal results."

"Kemin pioneered the entire amino acid balancing concept. Today, we are reaching and perfecting the next level in ruminant nutrition through extensive services, solution offerings and technical expertise," says Javier Mateos, senior ruminant business manager, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA. "The amino acid balancing concept strongly relies on rumen-protected lysine, LysiGEM™, a product fully based on our proprietary technology. By launching KESSENT, we have a complete amino acid balancing solution," adds Mateos.

The KESSENT product range includes KESSENT M, an optimum source of metabolisable methionine due to a unique encapsulation and core technology, and KESSENT MF, a pellet-stable, rumen-protected methionine available in Liquid, Dry and Arome Dry forms. The KESSENT MF product range is a novel, cost-effective methionine solution for high-temperature feed manufacturing processes and "the only solution to prevent rumen degradation and meet methionine requirements."

As Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA sees changes in customer priorities across the entire region, it is adapting its own strategy. In 2021, Kemin customers will have an expanded portfolio of products and services, with particular focus on environmentally-responsible production. These solutions will address nitrogen excretion, carbon footprint and animal welfare while supporting customers with product application evaluation.