January 6, 2017

IDT Biologika buys UK vaccine company



IDT Biologika has acquired UK-based Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd.


IDT Biologika is pursuing its globalisation strategy as it expands its network of companies offering autogenous vaccines for animals, following the acquisition of the Canadian Gallant Custom Laboratories in November 2015.


"As a leading supplier of autogenous vaccines for production animals and aquaculture, Ridgeway Biologicals is an optimal fit to our global activities in autogenous vaccines," says Andreas Kastenbauer, managing director at IDT Biologika. "Ridgeway will be an integral part of our vaccine services offering bespoke solutions to veterinarians all over the world."


Ridgeway Biologicals is the leading manufacturer for autogenous vaccines in the UK, with 25 employees working at its facility in Compton, Berkshire, England. The company has its own research and development department with the development of bacterial vaccines. Poultry, swine, ruminant and aquaculture vaccines of Ridgeway Biological are sold within Europe through a strong network and broad co-operations.


"We are excited by the opportunity that IDT brings us to move our services internationally," says Dr. Tim Wallis, managing director of Ridgeway. "Currently, antibiotics are used in farm animals in the absence of alternatives to control disease, such as effective vaccines for disease prevention. There is huge pressure to reduce antibiotic usage, and autogenous vaccines, formulated to the specific requirements of our customers, should be able to help with this aim."

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