January 6, 2004



Poultry Cholera Sweeping Through South Vietnam


A virulent wave of Poultry Cholera is spreading through Vietnam killing more than 100,000 chickens. The majority of chickens killed come from farms in the Long An province, southwest of Ho Chi Minh City.


"The disease is spreading very, very fast and it kills fast too," said the official from the province's animal health department.


Similar cases had emerged in surrounding provinces including Tien Giang and Ho Chi Minh City and some infected ducks had also been found, she said.


Humans could not catch the disease, she said.


Another unidentified virus had been found in the dead chickens and a sample had been sent overseas for tests, she said.


The provincial government has moved to contain the disease, including putting chickens in hundreds of farms in the area in quarantine and preventing farmers from selling off sick chickens, she said.


According to the Thanh Nien (Young People's) newspaper on Tuesday, estimated losses from the poultry disease amounted to $960,000.


Thailand has destroyed tens of thousands of chickens since late November to stop the spread of a strain of cholera.