January 6, 2004



Slovakia To Test Cattle For BSE


Slovakia's State Veterinary and Food Administration conducted laboratory examinations on 7,427 beef samples in November, and none were found to have bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad- cow disease, according to a report issued Monday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture attache and posted on the Foreign Agricultural Service Web site.


Of all of the administration's tests, 5,965 were done on healthy animals, 1,164 on deceased animals, and 293 on emergency slaughtered livestock. Five samples were tested on animals with clinical signs of BSE; however, all of these proved to be negative. Since the beginning of the year Slovak vets tested a total of 80,968 beef samples, finding two BSE positive.


Slovak vets discovered the latest case of BSE in Slovakia in mid-April 2003. This was the 13th case of a BSE positive cow in Slovakia and the second on the Horna Zdana farm. The BSE positive animal was a 93-month old cow. Subsequently, a seven-animal herd was slaughtered under protective measures, the report said.