January 5, 2021


Early Charm Ventures joins US industry coalition supporting access to affordable seafood


Early Charm Ventures has joined Stronger America Through Seafood (SATS), an industry coalition that lobbies to increase US residents' access to healthy, sustainable and affordable domestically-produced seafood, The Fish Site reported last month.


Founded in 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland, the United States, Early Charm Ventures supports companies that are making innovative strides in aquaculture technology, diagnostics and measurement. Its aquaculture technologies portfolio includes Minnowtech, Gaskiya Diagnostics and VakSea.


Margaret Henderson, SATS' campaign manager, said: "Technological innovation is a key component of our growing industry, and Early Charm is enabling companies and fostering technologies that will produce more efficient and sustainable aquaculture production. Early Charm will provide a unique perspective as SATS continues to advance our mission of establishing a properly regulated aquaculture industry in the US."  


"As we've travelled the world and seen the impressive advances in aquaculture sustainability, we've become acutely aware that an antiquated regulatory framework in the United States is stopping our participation in an industry of national importance," said Ken Malone, managing director of Early Charm.


"SATS' efforts to inform our elected officials and advocate for more rational regulations that recognise the tremendous advances the industry has made in sustainability, are something we are pleased to contribute towards."


- The Fish Site