January 5, 2004



Bird Flu Resurfaces in South Korea


South Korea's Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry yesterday said a new bird flu case was discovered in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province, where the authorities have confirmed traces of the H5N1 virus at a poultry farm owned by a person with the initial "P.".


They then elaborated that the farm, approximately 92 km south of Seoul, had first been deemed as virus-free in an initial screening, but was discovered to be affected following a more detailed examination.


The latest discovery increases the number of poultry farms that have been found to have chickens or ducks affected by the virulent strain of bird flu to 15 nationwide.


However, the ministry said that no further farms were being examined for the virus at the moment.


It also emphasized that the flu was not showing any signs of spreading, though those areas that have been deemed as "danger zones" will be monitored more closely.