January 4, 2022


Sri Lanka attempts to lower living costs by cutting egg, chicken prices


Measures have been taken to reduce egg and chicken prices in Sri Lanka, as the country seeks to lower the cost of living, said D.B. Herath, State Minister of Livestock, Farm Promotion and Dairy and Egg Related Industries.

Herath, who held discussions with the traders and entrepreneurs in the poultry sector, urged them to maintain the price stability of egg and chicken while also preventing a further price increase.

Traders and entrepreneurs agreed to reduce the price of an egg by Rs2 (US$0.01) and a kilo of chicken by Rs50 (US$0.25) from January 3. Additionally, Herath said that the government has taken steps to import animal food as a remedy to further bring down prices.

The country will soon receive 450 tonnes of animal food. "It has been decided to reduce the prices of eggs and poultry feed to provide relief to the people for the importation of wheat for animal feed," Herath said.

Meanwhile, the State Ministry has taken measures to double the local milk production to bring down the price of milk while preventing scarcity in the open market.

Currently, local milk production reached 40% of the total requirement while the balance 60% is imported by Sri Lanka.

Herath said that the main aim of the government is to achieve self-sufficiency in milk production to strengthen the economy.

- Daily News