January 4, 2022


Sri Lanka's New Anthoney's Farms awarded greenhouse gas verification



New Anthoney's Farms (Private) Ltd, one of the leading names in Sri Lanka's poultry sector, was awarded the prestigious Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement from Netherlands-based Control Union Certifications.


This makes the company the first and only greenhouse gas (GHG) validated poultry producer in the country, adopting a carbon-conscious mindset throughout its entire vertical supply chain. GHG emissions are minimised by many of its initiatives such as energy saving optimisation, responsible waste disposable systems, shifting to solar power consumption, reducing paper usage through automation, among others.


New Anthoney's Farms is also the first and only poultry producer to break away from conventional plastic or polythene materials to adopt compostable, bio-degradable packaging.


Emil Stanley, chairman and co-founder of New Anthoney's Farms, said: "We take great pride in pursuing environmental-friendly industry-best practices since our inception and gaining the GHG verification is an incredible milestone not just for the company but for (Sri Lanka's) poultry sector overall. This reflects our ability and commitment towards minimising carbon emissions and preserving our ecology for many generations to come.''


Thie green certification was in recognition for the company's commitment on advancing the haritha-ready produce of chicken. The meat of its HarithaHari chicken is enriched with essential amino acids and produced using an all-natural process to ensure that it is produced safely and antibiotic-free, along with intensive biosecurity measures applied.


New Anthoney's Farms' animal welfare, safety and health standards comply with that of the United States' National Chicken Council.


"Going green for us has always been beyond just a social responsibility — it is more of a moral obligation and requirement. This validation among the numerous other credentials we have acclaimed is a stepping-stone towards a long journey of providing the right chicken for the well-being of all livelihoods,'' said New Anthoney's Farms chief executive officer Neil Suraweera.


- The Island Online