January 4, 2022


Malaysia's poultry industry upset over extension of price control scheme


Malaysia's broiler and layer farm industry has expressed disappointment over the extension of the Malaysian Family Price Control Scheme to February 4 beyond Dec 31 as originally planned.


The Federation of Livestock Farmers' Associations of Malaysia said with the heavy pressure from ex-farm price controls on the broiler and egg industry, it was likely that some parts of it – especially small and medium farms which have suffered huge losses – would stop operating in the coming months.


"The rising cost of chicken and egg production is real and the industry is still suffering losses," the federation said. "In addition, the industry is still waiting for financial assistance such as soft loans or feed cost subsidies from the government.


"The continued loss of farmers' income will affect the production of the cheapest source of protein in our country. The authorities need to be concerned about the country's food security."


It was reported that the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry had extended price controls until February 4.


"The federation hopes that the government will take action as soon as possible so that the industry will recover and continue the supply of chickens and eggs according to demand," a statement by the federation stated.


"Provision of subsidies as compensation to producers will help cover the losses experienced by the farmers. The government has to activate soft loans immediately to maintain the sustainability of the industry.


"(They have to) shorten and… not extend maximum price control periods so that the industry is released from economic constraints and continues to operate according to the economic forces of supply and demand."


- The Star