January 4, 2017


Marel Poultry supplies Maelor Foods processing plant


Maelor Foods Ltd, a related company of Salisbury Poultry (Midlands) Ltd, has selected Marel Poultry to supply their new 13,500 bph poultry processing plant in Wrexham, UK.

It is the first state-of-the-art plant at this line speed in the UK.

The poultry processing plant will feature a 13,500 bph broiler primary line from live bird handling on to distribution for whole birds to serve Salisbury Poultry (Bilston factory) for cut up and deboning portions. There will also be further deboning at the Wrexham plant itself, which now has more space and more capacity for Maelor Foods to grow their business.

Marel Poultry will supply a complete kill and evisceration department, incorporating fully automated giblet and feet processing. Besides that, a Stork in-line air chilling tunnel and a comprehensive grading line will be installed.

The 13,500 bph capacity is an initial startup speed; the primary line will be prepared for future growth of Maelor Foods' operations. Jeff Donald, Marel Poultry Area Sales manager, says, "For this project Maelor Foods has selected Marel Poultry as the most capable supplier who understands the company's needs and has the ability to deliver a factory process fit for the future. We look forward tremendously to completing this project during 2017."
From left: Arie Tulp (Marel Poultry Sales and Marketing Director); Jeff Donald (Marel Poultry Area Sales Manager UK); Mr. Raj Mehta (Owner and MD of Maelor Foods); Mr. Steve Hammond (Commercial Director); Paul Cardinaal (Marel Poultry Regional Sales Manager).
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