January 3, 2022


Ireland's Emerald Isle Beef Producers now has seven outlets for cattle


Ireland's EIBP (Emerald Isle Beef Producers) claimed that it currently has seven outlets for cattle, with prices up to €5.60/kg (US$6.35) available for its members.


The group has a range of contracts for cull cows, heifers, bullocks and bulls of various breeds, ages, weights and grades.


The PO's development came about as a "direct" result of Beef Plan. Its objective to "give beef farmers more power and more say and control over their outputs".

In operation for over two years, it has established what it describes as a "loyal, stable base of suppliers".


The group has built "working" relationships with the various meat processors it supplies.


In a statement to That's Farming, a spokesperson said: "With very few exceptions, we have delivered the top price in (Ireland) for all cattle types during 2021.


"Our success in building a group of farmers to supply cattle as a group has not gone unnoticed among meat processors.


"Some would see our group as a threat to the way they operate for years. Meanwhile, others see the benefits of being involved with a group of farmers who can supply consistent cattle types to help fill specific contracts weekly.


"A very welcome development happened in 2021 in that a number of outlets have approached our group to supply cattle.


"Because of this, we now find ourselves in a position with not enough cattle on a weekly basis to meet the extra demand."


The group claimed that some outlets that approached EIBP are "willing to sign contracts with our members that deliver significant group bonuses".


The group issues weekly reports to its members to inform them of possible outlets and prices for their beef cattle.


In the statement, the spokesperson listed its current range of outlets for cattle:


    - Factory groups that require in-spec cattle, heifers, steers, young bulls and cow, as well as Angus and Hereford steers and heifers. In the calendar year 2021, the group claimed it supplied 2,081 cattle to this outlet;


    - Factory groups that require in-spec cattle as well as heifers, steers, young bulls and heifers. This group is particularly interested in Angus steers and heifers, from 250kg to 300kg carcass weight. The group reported that in the calendar year 2021, it supplied 639 cattle to this outlet;

- Factory groups that require cows and overage and overweight cattle, along with young heavy bulls and stock bulls, as well as non-QA cattle. EIBP said that in the calendar year 2021, it supplied 730 cattle for this outlet;


    - Continental 'R' and 'U' grade heifers for live export for direct slaughter to the United Kingdom. During the calendar year 2021, EIBP claimed to have supplied 800 cattle for this outlet. It currently requires 80 suitable cattle a week for this contract, the statement added;


    - EIBP Angus and Shorthorn Cow Club: According to the group, this club will deliver group bonuses of €1.00-1.30/ kg (US$1.13-1.47). "At today's price, this club will deliver a heifer price of €5.30-5.60/kg (US$6.01-6.35). Currently, we have 30 farmers members of this club, all with signed contracts. Production of cattle to fill this high-value contract commenced in March 2021. We are currently accepting new members for this club," EIBP said.


    - EIBP Grain Fed Angus Club: According to the PO, this club will deliver a "group bonus of 30c/kg on top of all other bonuses currently available for Angus cattle. EIBP's spokesperson said: "At today's price, this club will deliver a price of €5/kg (US$5.67). We currently have 18 farmers committed to this club." Processing of cattle for this high-value contract is scheduled to start towards the end of January 2022. This club is currently oversubscribed."


    - Farm-to-Fork initiative: EIBP said it has "just started" working on this new initiative, which is a "potential gamechanger" for farmers. It added that there are opportunities for a "limited" number of farmers.


- That's Farming