January 3, 2017


Tonisity appoints MD for Europe and Asia-Pacific



Mathieu Cortyl has been appointed as Managing Director Europe and Asia-Pacific for Tonisity International Limited, based in Dublin, Ireland.
Mathieu brings with him 25 years of experience in the feed and feed additives industry in Europe and Asia-Pacific.
Px by Tonisity is the first isotonic protein drink that contains key ingredients to support the intestinal cells, the enterocytes. When the enterocytes are working efficiently, the body is able to absorb more nutrients.
By supporting the enterocytes, Px helps pigs overcome the key productivity hurdles of young pigs, namely pre-weaning mortality (PWM) and ensures a smooth transition through weaning. Various strategies are used to try to overcome these hurdles. Milk replacer, electrolyte solutions, and quick-start drenches are all used by producers to give extra energy and fluids to piglets. Antibiotics, probiotics, pre-biotics and plant extracts are also used in an attempt to modify the intestinal bacteria population.
Tonisity says that none of those strategies actually improve the function of the intestinal cells (enterocytes), which are the engines that are responsible for absorbing nutrients. A more focused approach, according to the company, is to nourish the intestinal cells themselves and help them to do the best job they can of absorbing nutrients and this is the approach that Tonisity has taken in the development of Px.
Tonisity has investigated how best to use Px and to demonstrate the return on investment to producers. Over the last two years, Tonisity has conducted over 27 trials involving over 760 litters and 9,600 pigs on production farms in the United States, United Kingdom and Spain. The research has shown that Px has a positive impact on pre-weaning mortality and post-weaning weight, as well as other key parameters.

Speaking about his appointment, Mathieu said, "The product they developed has a huge amount of research behind it and I am convinced it has a great future. The feedback I already receive from producers is extremely positive. We are now in the process of appointing distributors across Europe and Asia-Pacific regions, and those interested to join us are welcomed to contact me at mathieu@tonisity.com."

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