January 2, 2020


Additional 30,000 tonnes of frozen pork to be released for sale from China's state reserves


The new batch of frozen pork from state reserves will be released on January 3, 2020 to meet high demand for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations, reported Reuters.


The measure, posted on the China Merchandise Reserve Management Centre website, follows multiple frozen pork releases from state reserves from December 2019, with the last sale of 20,000 tonnes of frozen pork on December 27. China has already released more than 100,000 tonnes of frozen pork from state reserves.


State-owned CCTV cited the Ministry of Commerce, which said the country will continue to release more frozen pork from state reserves to meet increased demand for pork during the Lunar New Year celebrations beginning January 25, 2020.


China is managing an African swine fever outbreak, which has decimated more than 40% of swine herds in the country and caused a massive meat shortage.


-   Reuters

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