Paul de Schouwer, sales director Moba Group, guides us through the highlights of 2019, and in particular the launch of the Forta. He will also take a look ahead to what 2020 has in store for Moba.

Latest development

The highlight of 2019 was the launch of the Forta GT100, an egg grader with a capacity of 100 cases per hour. De Schouwer says, "This has been an exciting project. Keeping the wishes of our customers and the requirements of today's market in mind, when designing the Forta, we made sure to combine tried-and-tested technology, such as individual egg handling, with the latest features. We are very excited to see how this new generation of egg graders will help our customers take their organisation to the next level."

Moba supports innovation by offering its customers top class technology that will optimise their business and maximise efficiency. This approach is not only applied when developing future products, but also when existing products are improved by innovations and when adding new features to existing machines. For example, the recent introduction of the Multi Outlet system, which removes dirty eggs as early in the process as possible to reduce the chance of cross contamination. Or the introduction of the Shell Strength Detection, a groundbreaking system that is not only able to identify cracks, but can also distinguish and separate weak -shelled eggs and strong-shelled eggs. With this latest technology you can monitor supplies on quality and create premium quality products from average production runs.

Moba has also taken further steps to optimise its Service department. The Customer Care programme, which offers a variety of services ranging from productivity assessment to remote machine monitoring, has played an important role in this process. De Schouwer says, "We want to provide our customers with the best support and service possible. This means not just offering our services by providing solutions, but also taking a more proactive approach to see what we can do to prevent problems from occurring with a unique combination of big data, analytics and human expertise."

Market changes

The egg industry is a dynamic market, with continuously changing demands. De Schouwer says, "Our customers have to meet more and more demands, for example requests of supermarkets, and therefore they expect more from our equipment. Think about reliability and traceability. In some countries it is prescribed by law to track and trace food products. For the Omnia, we already offer complete tracking and tracing of the eggs."

The needs in the established markets and the emerging markets are very different. De Schouwer says, "We need to support all customers. Our customers in the emerging markets are taking the first step towards automation; most of the egg grading and packing is still being done manually. In the established markets total automation is becoming very important. We notice a commitment in these countries to automate every step of the grading and packing process."

Worldwide presence

For years Moba was represented by the EMC agency in France. In September 2019, Moba opened its own office in this region: Moba France SAS. The new office has allowed Moba to further strengthen its position in the French market. De Schouwer says, "We want to be close to our customers. By opening a new office in France this year and opening Moba Middle East in Dubai in 2018, Moba has created a strong global presence. And thanks to our extensive network of agents, we are now represented in more than 60 countries."

The renovation of Moba's head office is in full swing. De Schouwer says, "We are very excited about the renovation of the head office. Once all the work is done, our building will embody the essence of Moba: an innovative and modern company. The first steps have already been completed and I can't wait to see the final results at the end of 2020."


"We are the leading manufacturer of egg grading, packing and processing equipment in the industry. And we want to keep it that way. This means that we need to stay alert so that we can stay one step ahead of our competitors. In the recent years, we have put focus on the breaking and processing market and therefore joined forces with Pelbo — an innovative manufacturer based in Italy — in 2016. A profitable cooperation, which enables us to provide our customers with the latest developments in the egg processing and breaking industry," De Schouwer highlights.

"Our dedicated and highly skilled team is constantly striving for innovation. We have to bundle their enthusiasm and work together efficiently. Our focus is to further strengthening our portfolio and providing even better support and service for our customers, keeping in mind the key goals of egg producers, such as hygiene, food safety and machine accessibility. That will be at the centre of 2020. We have set for ourselves a challenging goal, but we're fully committed to reach it."
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