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LIVESTOCK & FEED Business - October 2016Editorial Calender 2017
Antibiotics have to be phased out, but will natural supplements grow as quickly as anticipated?
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Market Focus
The entire field of livestock supplements finds itself in a two-way dilemma. On one side, many American and Asian integrators are resisting moving away from antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs). But how long can they can resist in the face of growing scientific evidence about the menace they pose, when organisations like WHO make antibiotic resistance a leading health priority.
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Cover Story:
  • De Heus: Gabor Fluit casts his lot with Asia


  • Chicken shortage threatens China

  • US chicken welcomed anew in Saudi Arabia

  • Brazil’s livestock revenues rose 27% in 2015

  • US , Brazil consumers prefer beef raised without antibiotics

  • England adopts new measures to eradicate bovine TB

  • Irish pork exports up 20% in H1

  • $275,000 inresearch grants okayed

Feed-milling News Special:

  • 'Vegetarian fish' being developed

  • BioMar-Sagun opens fish feed factory in Turkey

  • China delays new rules on Canadian canola shipments


  • Latin American poultry exporters fly off in different directions

  • Brazil: A lucky country gets lucky again

  • China's underrated egg-laying dominance
Feed Market Report:
  • Myanmar's feed and livestock boom: Murky numbers and limitless prospects      

Sportlight on China:
  • Feed & Livestock: Rebound in livestock sectors boosts China's August feed output

  • Feed Additive market: Brisk pre-holiday feed sales fail to move China;s feed additives markets

  • China Major: The Zhengbang Group - How a small and remote feed plant rose to become one of China's top 500 businesses
Industry Feature:
  • The Zhengbang Group: How a small and remote feed plant rose to become one of China’s top 500 businesses
Industry Updates:
  • BIOMIN opens 7th CAN facility

  • Latvian firm to upgrade poultry farms

  • TIMAB Phosphates renamed Phosphea

  • SANOVO’s GraderPro launched at Eurotier

  • Thai Union gets award
Industry Movers:
  • Delacon hires poultry R&D managers

  • Hamlet names VP for Asia

  • The Andersons's new chief info officer

  • New Aviagen tech manager for ME, Africa
Industry New Products:
  • To be advised
  • Impextraco: Optimizing intestinal health with butyrate: insight into the mode of action

  • Provimi: Bringing clarity to the selection and application of essential oil based products
Agribusiness Technology: 
  • Merial: Targeting Immunosuppression: How to build a good immune foundation

  • Euroduna: Improve eggshell quality and elongate laying periods of laying hens
  •   Preview:

     - Agrilivestock Myanmar 2016: Industry giants joining December trade show

  •  Review: 
           -  SPACE 2016 a success - crisis or no crisis

           -  More than 130 foreign exhibitors join VIV China 2016

Technical Special:  
  • Green chemistry and powerplants: Addcon launches new products combining established FORMI products with plant-derived alkaloids

  • Powerplants: Enhanced effects of Addcon’s diformates with plant alkaloids in piglets        

Editorial Lineup for  
LIVESTOCK & FEED Business Worldwide - May 2017

News Feeds:

  • BIOMIN opens 7th Center for Animal Nutrition

  • Boehringer Ingelheim, Novozymes to collaborate in probiotics for poultry hatcheries

  • Skretting to invest US$6.4 million in expanding R&D capacity

  • Disease-reduction programme for Chile salmon farms initiated

  • US pork exports up 15% in February, beef too by 48%

  • New Zealand seafood sector lauds new trade policy strategy

Feed Milling News:
  • Kemin launches MillSMART™ Profit Value Calculator

  • Aqua feed maker BioMar reports higher EBIT for 2016

  • Namibia's Feedmaster invests US$2.2 million in new feed mill

  • US firm finds replacement for fish protein in salmon feed

Focus Market:
  • Southeast Asia's diverse broiler meat sector

  • An unexpected and misunderstood world corn market 

China Spotlight:

  • Strong feed output rebound supports China's feed additives sales during March     
Focus Technical:
  • Animal health & welfare

     - Nuscience: M-prove® Poultry, high profits through animal health and optimal digestion

     - Angel Yeast:  Studies on GroPro replacing SDPP in piglets' diet
Industry Updates:
  • Alltech fosters strategic collaboration between two leading aquaculture feed producers
Industry Movers:
  • Aviagen appoints new hatchery technical service manager for Asia Pacific
Industry Feature:
  • Moba:  How Big Data will change egg production

  • Alivira: Effect of a multi-strain probiotic supplement (Perf-ActTM ) on performance of broiler chickens exposed to Necrotic Enteritis challenge under heat stress  
Agribusiness Technology: 
  • Jamesway: Turkey hatcheries the past 25 years and the future of single-stage

  •  Review: 
           -  To be advised           
  •  Preview: 
           -  Asian-Pacific Aquaculture

           -  VIV Turkey 

Event Calendar:
  • INDOLivestock

  • 15th China International Animal Husbandry Expo (CAHE)

  • Livestock Philippines EXPO

  • World Pork Expo

  • Asia Pacific Aquaculture 2017

  • Livestock Cambodia 2017

  • The Aquaculture Roundtable Series 2017 (TARS)
Agribusiness  One-on-One:  
  • Jamesway: Leading through best practices in the hatchery business        
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Antibiotics have to be phased out, but will natural supplements grow as quickly as anticipated?
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