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LIVESTOCK & FEED Business - June 2017Editorial Calendar 2017
Upheaval in the world pork market
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Market Focus
Asian and Mexican importers, European exporters challenge North America's market dominance.
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Success Story:
  • CropEnergies: Bridging the fuel-and-food

News Feeds:
  • Novus sums up challenges, opportunities for the global swine industry

  • Church & Dwight buys US biotech company

  • Consumer and protein demands to drive Asia's growth, says Kemin

Feed Milling News:
  • Cargill new aquafeed line in Vietnam

  • Cherkizovo remains Russia’s top feed  
  • Jamón Ibérico rising! Spain becomes a top pork exporter
China Feed Additives:
  • Additives market down on dismal feed sales     
Focus Technical:
  • Sustainability in swine production

  •  Alltech: Total replacement of inorganic trace minerals as a sustainable approach

  • ADDCON:  Diformates contribute to sustainable pig production

Industry Updates:
  • Stalosan F disinfectant launched in Vietnam

  • NIR now analyses reactive lysine
Industry Movers:
  • Nutriad's appointments

  • AB Vista biz manager for EMEA
  • BIOMIN: Tackling the higher mycotoxin risk in your feed

  • Xingjia: Basic copper chloride - An efficient, low emission, antibacterial copper source in feed  
  •  Review: 
           -  Indo Livestock 2017: Promoting meat consumption in Indonesia

           -  China International Animal Husbandry Expo 2017: Environmental and antibiotic concerns come to the fore          

  •  Preview: 
           -  SPACE 2017: World’s second biggest livestock production show back at Rennes          

Agribusiness  One-on-One:  
  • Nutriad: Asia-Pacific's huge growth potential        

Editorial Lineup for  
LIVESTOCK & FEED Business Worldwide - October/November 2017

Success Story:

  • To be advised
  • Addcon holds 3-day Academy event in Vietnam
Feed Milling News:
  • To be advised 

Focus Markets:
  • Americas markets
  • US beef rises from the storm     
China Feed Additivess:
  • Feed additive report   
Focus Technical:
  • Swine nutrition beyond performance

    - Industry overview

    - Novus

    - Xinjia

    - Biomin
Industry Updates:
  • AB Vista: Calcium research could transform next-gen feed formulation
Industry Movers:
  • To be advised
  • AB Vista:  Iron status of piglets and impact of phytase superdosing on iron physiology

  • Angel Yeast

  • Novabay  Sodium bicarbonate: a mineral-based solution for cattle during heat stress   
Product Features :
  • Lallemand:  Heat stress could be underestimated in swine: European state of play and new study on live yeast benefits  
  • Preview:   -  Agrilivestock Myanmar

  • Review:  -  SPACE 
Events Calendar
  • Animal Health Innovation Asia

  • ILDEX Indonesia     

  • 15th China International Meat Industry exhibition (CIMIE 2017)

  • 6th Leman China Swine Conference & 2017 World Swine Industry   

  • Animal Microbiome Congress

  • China FoodTech 2017

  •  2nd Nepal Poultry & Livestock Expo 2017

  • Agrilivestock Cambodia

  • Agrilivestock Myanmar

Agribusiness  One-on-One:  
  • Big Dutchman         
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Upheaval in the world pork market
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