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  • Fewer new products, more competitive pressure in the world animal health market
  • • Coinciding with a rapid expansion of the animal health market, the cost of developing traditional animal health products has skyrocketed even as number of new releases has fallen • This has given large dominant tier 1 animal health suppliers an aging product portfolio vulnerable to competition from generics • An unexpected slowdown in agribusiness market growth further intensified pressure on their bottom lines. • Government legislation, voluntary integrator moves away from AGP-based livestock rearing is creating new opportunity for young, nimble tier 3 livestock health suppliers
  • Restructuring how we make feed: Output, consolidation accelerate amid regional productivity fluctuations
  • • New statistics show large feed production increases alongside a quickening pace of consolidation • Only in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East did the number of new feed mills exceed the closing of older facilities • China is responsible for the sharp drop in total world feed mills, with consolidation waves also sweeping across India, Southeast Asia and South Korea/Japan • Consolidation in China, over investment in Southeast Asia and Middle East caused their respective outputs per mill to go in opposite directions
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