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  • Livestock antibiotics: What you may not want to hear
  • • Everywhere from America to China, human disease outbreaks caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria have been traced back to integrated farming operations using AGPs • Alongside known human health effects, antibiotics have been used to transform unsanitary livestock or meat processing conditions into profitable 'cost savings' • Denying AGPs threaten human health, lobbying against their banning could result in a loss of credibility • US, Asian integrators have to direct their energies away from resisting AGP bans and towards learning how to intelligently use natural supplements
  • In the year 2025: World dairy market trends and transformations
  • • Decelerating developing country dairy demand is only partly counterbalanced by higher rich country consumption growth • The dairy products and countries leading the industry's expansion are changing • India, Southeast Asia are taking over from China as the main driver of world dairy demand • Due to the immaturity of booming South Asian markets, growth in fresh dairy goods now exceeds that of dairy powders • China will see far slower growth in dairy powder imports alongside booming imports of UHT milk and cheese • From under 5% of milk powder volumes in 2010, Chinese fluid milk imports now exceed combined SMP and WMP imports
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