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  • New Zealand's dairy fortunes slowly turn for the better: New products, more stable future earnings and a long climb back up
  • •While weather and pastureland conditions improved, low farmgate milk prices, slumping exports caused an average loss of NZ$196,000 (US$143,000) per dairy farm •The tendency for traditional fatty commodities to perform better than dairy powders is carrying over into its third year •Fluid milk and branded dairy products are fast growing, emerging export lines •The huge downturn in milk powder export earnings is keeping milk production flat, making it impossible for the country to fully take advantage of high demand for fattier milk products •Improved farmgate revenues, rainy weather, low feed costs will restore farms back to marginal profitability in 2017 •UHT milk, infant formula and cream are rising from 11% of export volumes this year to 30% by 2022
  • Understanding mycotoxins: Complicated biochemistry, a diversity of causation mechanisms, and a roadmap for improving animal health
  • • Many mycotoxins work by wrecking the cellular structures where protein synthesis occurs • Another causation mechanism is the inflammation (immune response) they create, which can reduce growth by up to 30% • As we remove antibiotics from livestock diets, mycotoxin levels need to be reduced or new, anti-inflammatory natural supplements must be discovered • We are learning to harness nature, which has a billion-year head start on us in neutralizing mycotoxins • This will take decades of large investments in R&D, genetic engineering and enzyme making capacity
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