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  • Protein lines, interrupted: Deconstructing five years of disappointing feed milling expansion, by animal line
  • • Poultry and aquaculture are the most seriously impacted by feed milling's growth deceleration • Disease outbreaks, food safety scandals, slowing economic growth and record fishmeal prices all played a role in this deceleration • Red meat lines fell victim to a variety of diseases and unusual weather
  • A recovery path for the world shrimp market?
  • • The past three years have seen India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Ecuador take huge market share portions from China and Thailand -but not enough to offset the latter's huge export fall-offs • Barring any serious disease outbreaks, annual output and export growth are poised to rise by 7% and 10% respectively over the next two years • Promising developments in the search for a solution to EMS imply that Thai output may rise faster than expected from late 2016 onwards
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