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  • Out with antibiotics, in with vaccines: American integrators, government seek to reinvent livestock farming
  • • America's gradual, incrementalist approach to phasing out livestock AGPs takes a large step forward with the banning of antibiotics used in human medicine for AGP use in 2017 • Encouraged by booming antibiotic free meat sales amid flat, declining consumption, integrators and fast food chains have been restricting or phasing out their use of AGPs • Traditional AGP suppliers are re-tooling to develop, manufacture and market a wide array of animal vaccines in their place • As antibiotic restrictions tighten up, expect US integrators to demand trade protection from imports containing AGPs under food safety/fair treatment rules. This may create a strong incentive to transition away from antibiotics in many meat exporting countries.
  • Transformation, intensified competition in the world whitefish market
  • • After decades of exponential growth, flat output, growing domestic demand, intensified international competition has flattened Chinese tilapia exports, caused market share losses • Pangasius from Vietnam, tilapia from Indonesia and Vietnam is edging out Chinese tilapia in both the world market and even in China itself • Over the medium terms, Vietnamese pangasius will take advantage of flattening output to undergo a growth spurt from 2016 through 2018 • Rising whitefish production in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Latin America will create a whitefish market where no one country or species dominates
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