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  • A most strategic dragon: China shifts its approach to feed and meat sourcing
  • Once primarily defined by the soy importing needs of its vast feed sector, China's economic weight is now lighting a fire under the cost of red meat. Multiplied by 1.3 billion and rising from a USDA estimated 4kg in 1960 to 13kg in 1980, 45kg in 2000, approximately 60kg in 2015 and 71kg by 2024, China's per capita meat consumption dominates twenty-first century agribusiness.
  • Red meat, and a turning away from chickens
  • Not only has poultry feed consumption fallen,Far Eastern demand for milk and red meat is likely to make ruminant demand grow more strongly than anticipated. For years, government policymakers and agribusiness analysts of all stripes have been forecasting chicken and broiler meat's inevitable ascendancy.
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