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Global Grain & Oilseed Markets
  • A year of soft feed crop prices ahead?
  • Corn has bottomed out but has no reason to climb back to its earlier height, while soy is an oversupplied capstone to a bloated oilseed market. Having deflated for over two years, there's nothing on the horizon that can lift feed crops from the market bottoms they have repeatedly tested since the middle of last year.
  • A change in direction for Vietnam's corn growers
  • Policymakers have responded to growing dependence on feed grain imports with aggressive new policies that promote corn acreage and the use of GM seeds. It has been a good year for Vietnam's feed mills but going forward, much depends on whether or not a new government crop growing master plan succeeds.
  • Buffermin Proteinates
  • Grain Storage and Handling Systems
  • Colimycin 10% Granules
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