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Global Grain & Oilseed Markets
  • Soya beans, soya meal and palm: An emerging oversupply of oilseeds
  • Although soymeal shortages delayed the inevitable market adjustment, a catching up of soy harvests with demand exposes an oilseed glut that had been gathering pace for a decade. Unless North America has unusually, rare instance of bad weather, the world at this time is facing a glut of oilseed based feed crops.
  • Volatile corn fundamentals vs. a bear market cycle
  • Even with a grain cycle downtrend, tightening fundamentals could pull off a market surprise. Although the latest USDA report brought American corn inventories to lows not imaginable a few months ago and kept soy supplies constant, the long-term outlook for both crops is stable to bearish, but with more upside potential for the golden grain.
  • Buffermin Proteinates
  • Grain Storage and Handling Systems
  • Colimycin 10% Granules
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