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November 21, 2018

Agrifirm introduces holistic concept for dairy farming


Agrifirm recently introduced  a unique approach to dairy farming based on a combination of feed concepts, advice from top-level specialists and result monitoring.


Called "1inMelk", the concept allows each individual dairy farmer to achieve the best possible feed performance per kilogramme of phosphate quota.


Every dairy farm, according to Agrifirm, is different, not just in terms of size, but also in terms of business plans; as one dairy farmer may be keen to grow the business, another is striving to optimise operations within a current farm size.


Through 1inMelk, Agrifirm is now offering tailor-made solutions for every dairy farmer wanting to move forward, the company said.


Working alongside the dairy farmer, Agrifirm uses 1inMelk to achieve the optimum feed balance per kilogramme of phosphate quota. Tailored to the demands and business operations of the dairy farmer, a customised combination of products, concepts, specialised advice, and tools (including monitoring tools) is provided.

The optimisation of roughage cultivation is an important priority area in this respect; Agrifirm advises the farmer on how to optimise roughage cultivation and adjusts the concentrated feed accordingly. In addition, the company offers concepts for every phase of life of the cow, from cage to lactation, and for every feed system - from total mixed ration (TMR_ to an automated feeding system.

1inMelk involves a range of different concepts.

DairyStart® ensures the calving age is reduced by more vital calves, higher growth in rearing and more milk per heifer in lactation. The current calving age of 25 and seven months can certainly be lowered. With DairyStart®, a calving age of 22 months is possible.

TopStart® provides cows energy required during early lactation and reduces the negative energy balance while also preserving rumen health.

TMR Constant® is a concept for TMR and prevents selection, so that cows will receive the exact calculated ration. Thus, the concept ensures higher feed efficiency and helps to keep cows healthy. Initial results of applying this concept resulted in an increase of 1.9 kg milk per cow per day.

Agrifirm also provides dairy farmers with a team of specialists focused on roughage, young stock and TMR Constant®, in order to help them implement these concepts. The results are continuously monitored to achieve measurably relevant value that fits the dairy farmer's entrepreneurial objectives.

In order to work on a good result in a structured manner, the new approach starts with a personal plan in which the ambition of the entrepreneur and the desired operating result are central, Agrifirm said. The entrepreneur and the Agrifirm adviser assess the latter by the kilogramme of phosphate quota.

Together with the dairy farmers, the Agrifirm specialist implements the plan, reports concrete results and monitors progress. This process is conducted through the unique combination of:

Feed concepts, which are based on a thorough knowledge of dairy cattle and products (concentrated feed, roughage, separate by-products, compound feed, minerals, milk powder, seeds and crop protection);

Top-level specialists, who are Agrifirm's 1inMELK advisers. Within Agrifirm, they work in teams alongside general advisers and specialists in sub-areas such as automation in animal housing and roughage cultivation;

Monitoring, which means that Agrifirm collects data in order to keep a finger on the pulse together with the farmer, and to make the result measurable.

In short, 1inMELK is a holistic concept that focuses on the dairy farmer's goal within his or her own business strategy; gives farmers greater control their farms; provides an adviser who will draw up a complete plan in consultation with the farmer; and provides the farmer with the optimum feed perfomance per kilogramme of phosphate quota through the integrated use of strong concepts such as DairyStart®, TopStart®, TMR Constant® and roughage cultivation supported by advice from specialists, as well as data systems for monitoring progress.

1inMELK demonstrates Agrifirm's ambition to be the logical choice for all dairy farmers who seek to boost the success of their farm, the company said.

- Agrifirm

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